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Our Vision

Caring for our Stars

We understand how special your Stars are.

And we also understand how crucial it is to find the best possible care for them as they continue to grow and develop as unique individuals. 

For the past two years, the caring community of Our Shining Stars has supported individuals with disabilities with the sole purpose of providing empathetic, safe, and impactful care and support for all ages and abilities. More specifically, our individualised care offers quality respite care, emergency respite, Supported Independent Living, Short-term Accommodation, community access and daily living support, and in-home support services. 

Our Shining Stars has quickly grown to a sizeable collection of empathetic carers, centralised, but not limited to, around the Cleveland, QLD, area. Our carers are primarily one-on-one with our Stars, allowing us to better provide interpersonal care and understand our Stars’ needs. ​

- All staff are CPR and FIRST AID qualified by a nationally accredited provider,

- All carers have a Blue Card and an NDIS disability screening check,

- Our careers are predominately one-on-one with our Stars, 

- Committed to developing personal relationships leading to a better quality of care

Lastly, but most importantly, it is our mission as a Disability Support Service to make sure every program or service we offer aims to enhance the lives and expand the futures of all of our Stars. 

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Our Founder

Katherine Bertoia

Katherine is an experienced, outcomes-focused senior manager with 21 years in the disability sector. Her expertise is in personalised and tailored care facilitation to ensure safe, inclusive and person-centred services supporting the rights, interests and needs of people with all abilities.

She is driven and passionate to motivate, lead and mentor kind-hearted staff members to support people with all abilities to live their best life by including collaborative focus on developing and embedding a cohesive culture of engagement within positive and high-quality support services. Katherine enjoys working with people of all ages, abilities and needs using an empathetic, approachable and compassionate style to personalise care that suits the specific needs of each individual within our care.

Katherine's dream is to offer an all-inclusive and reliable experience for families who need assistance and can trust that a nourishing environment allowing growth is available when required.

Alongside her chosen profession, Katherine is a proud mother of two wonderful and caring sons who are also key members of our family orientated support network.

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Our Facebook Page

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